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List of Technical Publications and Papers
Mr. Ratish Jain (Managing Director)
Mr. S. N Bagchi (Head-Technical Design)

1.    International Conferences and Events

Sr No. Subject Venue Date
1.1 Sixth International Conference on
Recent Advances in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics
IIT Roorkee Extension Centre, 20 Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida, India 1–6 August 2016
1.2 Design Analysis & Attenuation Characteristics of Elastomer Isolators in a Large Frequency band. Section – Vibro – Acoustics & Noise session (Joint paper – Resistoflex Noida & Mechanical Engineering Dept. I IT Kanpur India ) Proceedings of Indo – French Conference ‘Acoustics 2013’ organized by Acoustical Society of India, French Acoustical Society ( S F A ) France & CSIR – National Physical Laboratory ( N P L India ) (ISSN – 0973 -3302) National Physical Laboratory NPL India, New Delhi 10-15 Nov 2013
1.3 Design & Application of Multi – layered Structural bearings focusing Anechoic Test Facility.( Indo – French Conference ‘Acoustics 2013’)Section – Buildings & Environmental Acoustics Session. Proceedings of Acoustics 2013 New Delhi Organized by Acoustical Society of India, French Acoustical Society (SFA) France & CSIR – National physical Laboratory (NPL India)(pp 1412-1420 ) ISSN – 0973 -3302 National Physical Laboratory NPL India, New Delhi 10-15 Nov 2013
1.4 Govardhan and D.K Paul, Earthquake Engineering Dept. IIT Roorkee India &
S. N Bagchi and Ratish Jain -Vibration & Seismic Engineering Design Dept., Resistoflex Noida. "Published in Proceedings of 7th World Congress on Joints, Bearings and Seismic Systems for Concrete Structures" (pp. 966 - 971)
Green Valley Resort, Las Vegas, USA 2-6 October 2011
1.5 Design & Manufacturing of the Base Isolation System for Earthquake Protection of Buildings-Paper Accepted ( jointly with Govardhan and Prof. D.K.Paul, IIT Roorkee ) Sanatorium Octyabrsky, Sochi, RUSSIA 20-23 September 2011
1.6 Vibration & micro- shock Isolation System Design for Advance Metrology laboratory at NPL England, UK ( World Year of Physics - WYP 2005 - 100 years of Einstein’s Outstanding Contribution in 1905) National Physical Laboratory , NPL England , Teddington ,UK May 2005
1.7 Vibration Isolation System For Optical And Laser Instruments And Experiments Related of Surface Engineering And Metrology. Proceedings of International Convention on Surface Engineering ( INCOSURF) pp 355-358. I.S.R.O Satellite Centre, Bangalore August 2004

2.    National Conferences and Events

Sr No. Subject Venue Date
2.1 The Physics of Vibration Control Mechanisms & Devices for Plant Machineries in Industrial Environment. Proceedings of Physical Sciences Section103rd. Indian Sciences Congress at Mysore University. Department of Physics,
Nobel Laureate Avenue,
University of Mysore
Jan. 2016
2.2 Design of Vibration Isolation Systems related to Electronic Assembly & MEMS (Micro – Electro Mechanical Systems) for Fabrication Workshop & Test Laboratory. Indian Space Research Organization – ISRO HQ. Bangalore Jan.2016
2.3 Design of Vibration Isolation Systems for Laser Holography and High Resolution Spectroscopy. Article No.CP 8.4 – LASERS in INDUSTRY & DEFENCE- 24thDept. Of Atomic Energy (DAE) – Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS)
National Laser Symposium (NLS-24) at Raja Ramanna Centre for Advance Technology RRCAT. (ISBN: 978-81-903321-6-3)
Dept. of Atomic Energy, RRCAT - INDORE Dec.2015
2.4 Design of Vibration Isolation Systems for Advance Metrology and Aerospace Test Laboratories in an Industrial Environment. Published in Proceedings of National Conference on Innovative Research in Physical and Mathematical Sciences and Environmental Dynamics.
( ISBN – 978-93-85822-07)
JNU, New Delhi Nov.2015
2.5 The Optimization technique in Design of vibration & Shock Isolation System for Industrial application Sponsored by BMW. International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) Manesar 22 August 2015
2.6 Design of Vibration Isolation Systems for Advance Metrology Laboratories focusing the High Resolution Instruments. National Symposium on recent Advances in Analytical Sciences and its Applications. Organized by Society of Analytical Scientists (Delhi Chapter) – R&D, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.(IOCL) HQ: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) TROMBAY Feb.2015
2.7 The Mathematical and Physical Science concepts involved in design of Advance Vibration & Shock Isolation Systems focusing Automobile & Aerospace Applications. Ref- Proceedings of Conference on Advance Techniques & Devices in Mathematics & Physical Sciences. [An International Meet] CATDMP – 2015( ISBN – 978-93-84935-11-5) Department of Mathematics & Physics SRM University, Delhi – NCR Campus Jan.2015
2.8 Topic Session K – Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Geophysics and Relatively- “Mathematical design of vibration & Shock isolation Systems focusing Automobile and Aerospace applications”
80th Conference of Indian Mathematical Society IMS (Estd. 1907) [Ref. Abs.IMS Newsletter No.33 March/April 2015]
Dept. of Applied Mathematics Indian School of mines, Dhanbad. Dec.2014
2.9 System Design with Restraining Devices for the Protection of Equipment’s from vibration & Shock of Seismic and Micro – seismic Nature.
Ref. (Earthquake Engineering – Volume 2.) Proc. of 15 Symposium on Earthquake Engineering.(I5 SEE – 2014 pp 721-726)
Dept. of Earthquake Engineering IIT Roorkee Dec.2014
2.10 Mathematical Analysis and Concepts for Industrial Design of Vibration & Shock Isolation Sys.(Focusing Differential Equations and Eigenfrequency Solutions) – 78th Annual Conference of The Indian Mathematical Society. DST–Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical Sciences. Dept. of Mathematics Banaras Hindu University (BHU–Varanasi) Scheduled in January – 2013
2.11 Workshop on Mathematical Analysis and Design of Vibration & Shock Isolation system focusing Aerospace Applications Organized by Departmentof Mathematics and AerospaceEngineering. University of Petroleum & Energy Studies Dehradun November - 2012
2.12 Mathematical Colloquium at Department of Mathematics SN University : "Mathematical Analysis and Design of Vibration & Shock Isolation Systems" (National Year of Mathematics – 2012) Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida September – 2012
2.13 Optimization Technique and Fuzzy Logic Concepts Used in Vibration & Shock Isolation System Design (National Symposium On Instrumentation) Inverties University, Bareilly October – 2011
2.14 Design Consideration for Vibration & Noise Isolation Systems, Covering Higher Frequency Band and an Analogy between Mechanical and Molecular Vibration ( National Conference On Ultrasonic – NCU 2011) Bundelkhand University, Jhansi India March – 2011
2.15 System Design with Restraining Devices for the Protection of Equipments from Vibration & Shock Of Seismic & Micro-Seismic Nature Dept. of Earthquake Engineering Indian Institute of Technology I.I.T Roorkee December, 2010
2.16 Vibration Isolation system selection and optimization calculation results extended to high frequency band. ( Journal )
Proceedings of National Symposium on Acoustics NSA -2007 at KSR College of Techonology.
Publication – Macmilan Advance Research Series pp 105-108.
KSR Collage of Technology Tiruchengode December, 2007
2.17 Mathematical Modeling & Optimization Techniques In Design Of Vibration Isolation Systems For Industrial Applications National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi November, 2006
2.18 Application of symmetry concept of Physics to Mechanical sub-systems & assembly design for high resolution instruments and experiments. Instrument Research & Development Estd. DRDO- IRDE, Dehradun 12-15 Dec, 2005
2.19 System Design Optimization & Application of Vibration and Shock Isolators in Industrial Environment.
National Conference on Optimum and Reliable Product Design organized by Numerical Simulation Technology and Applied Mechanics.
Dept. of Applied Mechanics Indian Institute of Technology at IIT Delhi Dec.2005
2.20 Micro – Seismic Shock Isolator Design using mathematical modeling and Fuzzy Logic concepts of Electronic control Instrumentation. Proceedings of Symposium. On Seismic Hazard analysis and Micro – zonation. pp- 399-407. IIT Roorkee Sept.2005
2.21 Seismic and micro-seismic Wave propagation through stratified media and its analogy with the Diffraction of Electro-Magnetic Waves at Infrared Frequency Band(National Symposium in World Year of Physics-WYP 2005) Indraprastha Engineering College April – 2005
2.22 Application of Vibration Isolation Techniques for Hi-Tech Metrology Laboratories.
Proceedings All India Seminar on Advances In Metrology for Manufacturing Technology Organized by
The Institution of Engineers (India) and Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute( CMERI ) . pp 25-35
CMERI Durgapur February, 2004
2.23 Design of Vibration Isolation systems for metrological laboratories in industrial Environment. Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Advance in Metrology: Equivalent f Standards and Global Recognition (Admet 2003). Journal of Metrology Soc.of India, Vol.18(pp 211-216) National Physical Laboratory, NPL India, New Delhi February, 2003
2.24 Design considerations for vibration Isolation of sensitive instruments and systems from micro seismic disturbances.
Proceedings of 12thSymposium on Earthquake Engineering at IIT Roorkee, Vol.2(pp 1543-1549)
Indian Institute of Technology,Roorkee December, 2002
2.25 The Application of Vibration and Shock Isolation Techniques in Hi-Tech (Proceedings of 89th Indian Science Congress – Engineering Science Section (Advance Abstracts ), pp. 25 Lucknow University January – 2002
2.26 Design Trends and Application of Vibration Isolation Techniques for Electro- Mechanical Systems in Dynamic Environment. “Modern Perspectives in Machines and Mechanism” Proceedings of National Conference on Machines and Mechanism ( NaCoMM ) at Mechanical Engineering.pp 481-488 Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur December, 2001
2.27 Vibration Isolator System Design and Application for Electro Optical Instruments in Dynamic Environment. Proceedings of Workshop on Recent Earthquakes, at Department of Earthquake Engineering.
pp 247 -249
University of Roorkee, Roorkee May, 2001
2.28 Vibration Isolation of Optical Sensors, instruments and Laser systems in Industrial Environment. By advance Technology Centre IIT Kharagpur – Electronics Science Department University of Calcutta. Proceedings of International Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics.Vol.II pp 795-797 Taj Bengal, Kolkata December, 2000
2.29 Application of Vibration Isolation Techniques in Industrial System Design. Journal of Acoustical Society of India. Vol.28, No.1 – 4,2000, pp 87 – 90. National Symposium on Acoustics at Tiruchirapalli Nov - 2000
2.30 Vibration Isolation techniques for CMM and Sensitive Instruments in hi –tech area. National Workshop on Co –ordinate Metrology at National Physical Laboratory N.P.L India . Journal of Metrology Society of India Vol.XIII, No.2 April 1998 pp 43-48 (ISSN 0970-3590) National Physical Laboratory N.P.L India April -1998

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